Thursday, August 24, 2017

UTSA ArtSpace Exhibit: August - October 2017

We are excited to announce our new exhibit, highlighting the work of  3D artist Haveit Neox. Please join us for the opening on Friday, August 25, 1 pm SLT at our beautiful UTSA ArtSpace Gallery (SLURL:

In this exhibit, titled The Elastic Garage, Haveit shares with us a very personal memory. 
"Sometimes magic is elusive. In the dark, in a large crowded storage space with one hanging light bulb: the realm of shadows and highlights, everything is sculpted of wonder. ... This was the garage of my childhood, where my visits were frequent in search of all manner of treasures to furnish the little cities I was building in the garden. Whatever I built from the material felt real, and authentic...."
(excerpt from the note card available at the exhibit).
Please come and join us for the grand opening (see details above), or visit the gallery at any other time of your liking. You may find the exhibit triggers a memory of one of your own childhood places.
 IMAGES from the opening:

"Meet the artist" by Artistik Oluja

"Spiders" and "Near Vertical" by Meriadne Merlin 


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